Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your smile is essential!

A single discoloured tooth is often caused by pulpal necrosis which means that you need root canal treatment. The problem is, that even after such treatment the tooth remains discoloured and gets worse with time. Where the tooth is otherwise totally sound it may be suitable for internal bleaching. In addition, composite or porcelain veneered facings may be considered to make the tooth look normal. However in most cases the tooth itself is somewhat compromised and a porcelain crown is the most effective solution. A crown is better able to mask the discolouration and also protects the tooth from further damage. In more complex cases where the gums have receded showing the darkened root of the tooth, minor orthodontic extrusion and a dental implant may be required. Whatever the treatment, single discoloured teeth should be managed by a highly skilled dental team. Being embarrassed to smile may be an obstacle to your personal, professional and social success. So pick up the phone and get it fixed. your smile is essential.

Dr Alex Fibishenko
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