Thursday, November 25, 2010

Implants Leave You Smiling

Dr Alex Fibishenko
The latest development in dental implants offers an attractive solution for people dealing with the discomfort of dentures or deteriorating teeth.

Implant-supported replacement teeth are permanent, better looking and unlike previous implant options, take only a few days to complete.

‘‘There are a lot of denture wearers out there, particularly from the baby boomer era as there was a very high extraction rate in the 1950s and 60s,’’ says Dr Alex Fibishenko, from the Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry, an Australian leader in advanced rehabilitation with dental implants.

‘‘Dentures may look OK but they can be incredibly uncomfortable, making it difficult to eat, taste food, talk or feel confident in social situations.’’

Many people have been put off getting implants due to the costs involved as well the length of time it took to perform.

‘‘Traditionally implant treatment involved many stages over an extended period of up to two years. Today, modern implant
design and state-of-the-art surgical techniques allow most patients to have fixed teeth fitted at or within a few days from the surgery,’’ Dr Fibishenko says.

Technology has allowed dentists to perform much of the procedure without the patient even being present.

‘‘To get it right a detailed work-up is done before the surgery to design your smile. After the implants are placed, teeth are set in wax in Madame Tussauds style, and tried in for fine tuning. You can see exactly what you are getting. It’s completely individualised. The procedure costs around $18,000 to $24,000 for a full upper or lower set, substantially less than it once did.

‘‘Though still not cheap, implants are permanent and for many, can have a dramatic effect on their life. A good smile improves a person’s self-esteem, it improves their confidence,‘‘ Dr Alex Fibishenko says. For more details go to

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